Working with Meredith over the past few months has been an amazing experience.  My son has severe food allergies and I had no luck previously finding any guidance or direction in how to provide healthy food for myself and my family within our constraints. When we met I was at my wits end. Her simple, thoughtful approach is direct and targeted for my specific needs, and I have come to see that my family’s mandated way of eating (from scratch, no dairy, etc.) is actually in some ways a blessing because it lends itself to a healthier palate.  Meredith leads by example and her passion for fitness and nutrition is contagious. The holistic approach has been a perfect fit for me, because Meredith’s customized approach to wellness has opened my eyes to things I never expected to find through a nutritionist. The most beneficial exercise in the process was when Meredith had me fill out the holistic Circle of Life.  It was wonderful to take the time to feel gratitude for all the areas in my life in which I feel so blessed and content, and inspiring to see with such clarity the areas I hope to develop.  I would never have thought I would have gained such insight into my own life from nutrition counseling and I have already made great strides.  Thank you Meredith!!

–Christina, 36 

Meredith helped me see that by maintaining balance in my life and addressing issues when they came up, food would become an enjoyable healthy fuel that I would take the time to give my body. I started seeing Meredith about a year ago to lose weight and feel better. To my great fortune, I got more out of it than looking good. Meredith showed me a lot of wonderful ways to eat highly nutritious foods that I use all of the time. My favorite is juicing with veggies, using nutritional yeast to flavor my food, and a tablespoon of apple butter when I feel like something sweet. Meredith also showed me ways to address the issues I was having in my everyday life that were getting in the way of my overall wellness. I’ve learned to enjoy meals and cook healthy things for my husband. Meredith is an incredible support and will see you through your journey to wellness. I’ve never felt emotionally and physically better that I do now.

–Jennifer, 32

“I’m not obsessing about food anymore, and it’s like I have so much more space in my brain to think about other things.”

–Jenny, 38

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