Chia Couture

As far as I’m concerned, chia seeds are the new black: They go with just about everything. Sprinkled into smoothies, salads, muffins; roasted with kale or made into a delicious pudding, they are a no-fail nutritional accessory to any meal. And like a well-heeled fashionista, I have developed quite an obsession over this tiny seed, dreaming up new ways to pair it. Since … Continue reading

Perk up! New research shows our beloved morning cuppa joe may be better for us than we think! (Gratuitous exclamation points may indicate being under the influence.)

Coffee! The delightfully addictive drink with a bad rap seems to be on everyone’s lips these days, with new-year resolves of healthier living now in full swing. But before cutting the caffeine, consider the benefits of the bean’s buzz (that was a mouthful): The Huffington Post reports that, for most people, coffee’s perks may outweigh … Continue reading


This post debuts a new column for Inspired Living: Once a month we’ll feature a special DHP (Dynamic Healthy Person)—someone who is gonna help kick your own healthy habits into high gear. FYI: This is not your “arm-chair traveler” version of wellbeing. Take one look at our first guest and you’ll see what I mean. … Continue reading