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Your body loves you unconditionally. Feed it garbage, and it turns it to fuel. Deprive it of sleep and it still gets you up and running in the morning. Your body is also a highly intelligent, well-oiled machine. It knows what to eat, when to eat, and has the power to heal itself. Your heart never skips a beat and your lungs keep air pumping in and out. Problem is, the brain makes mistakes. We don’t always make the right decisions when it comes to nourishing our bodies and the consequences ring loud and clear: bloated, tired, bad mood, weight gain, allergies, sensitivities, disease, and so on. But your body can’t talk and decoding it’s messages are like trying to figure out why a baby is crying. Bodily harmony lies in understanding and deconstructing cravings to figure out what works best for you. A balanced body and mind means a stronger immune system, more energy, greater performance, clearer thinking, and much more. Love your body back. It’s your time to THRIVE.

Food changes everything!

In 2004, 66% of Americans were overweight or obese. That number has almost doubled today. Why? Food. Every day, 2,500 American’s die from cardiovascular disease. Answer? Food. Here’s one: American’s spend $600 million annually on laxatives. Is it me or does that sound like a lot? Sure, genetics play a role. But that’s why it’s even more important to know your body and it’s sensitivities. What work’s for you may be another person’s poison. Carbs are not evil, but for some people they’re the devil. Good nutrition changes everything, 4EVER.

Meredith Asplundh

My Approach

No one diet works for everyone.

A health coach is a wellness guide and supportive mentor. Like a fitness trainer, I asses your needs and goals and devise a personalized program that we work on together. In this role, I focus on the concept of bio-individuality–the idea that everyone has his or her own nutritional needs. Instead of dwelling on calories, carbs, good fats, bad fats, and dietary restrictions, I consider age, health, activity level, blood type, metabolic rate, and personal preference to create a unique program that is flexible and fun. Together we discover the best food and lifestyle choices for a lifetime of good health.

The program involves…

  • Two, one-hour sessions per month
  • Group seminars and classes covering a variety of health-related topics
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • Books, CDs, handouts and other materials
  • Food samples and self-care products
  • A monthly newsletter
  • Access to a lending library of health and wellness books

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