WTF! Victoria’s (un-sexy) Secret

True confession: I’ve always been a big fan of the Victoria’s Secret models and have tuned into the televised fashion show (airing on CBS Tuesday, November 29th) since the women walked off the pages of the catalogue and into my living room. I even know them now by name; there’s Rosie, Lily, Anne, Alessandra… My … Continue reading

WTF Moment of the Week–Smart phone makes me stupid

We all have them: those “what the bleep!” moments that leave us pondering the use of brain cells. Remember, this is a judgement-free safe zone but for the sake of sharing and unloading it for catharsis sake, or simply learning from other’s blips (namely mine!), here’s the most recent WTF moment. Please share yours with me … Continue reading

WTF Moment Of The Week

We all have them–mine seem to come in waves–those “what the F*&%” moments that leave you pondering the use of brain cells (mine and others!). Usually I’m struck by some lack of common health sense. But just because it’s seems obvious to me doesn’t make it clear for anyone else. So understand there are no … Continue reading