Sneak Peek

It’s been awhile since I’ve offered a new post and as much as I’ve missed sharing with you, my fashion creative juices went into full throttle this summer and I’m still just holding on for dear life! This Sept 7th, at the Fashion Compassion event in New Jersey where Project Runway stars and designers will be … Continue reading

Gear Geek Gone Wild

When it comes to packing for summer vacation I tend to bring everything and the kitchen sink. It’s just no day at the beach unless I have all my…stuff. And that includes cool fitness gear, healthy drinks and snacks, and sundry other good-for-you essentials. There’s no way I’m going to let road-tripping sabotage my road … Continue reading

CrossFit–A Call To Arms

A CrossFit gym recently moved into my town and it’s got me completely crossed–and confused. I’m usually pro all walks of fitness as long as it motivates, inspires, and enhances…so my beef with this new workout craze, for the most part is, well, the beef. Never mind (for now) the back-breaking lifting, hamstring-stressing sprints and … Continue reading

What Goes Around Comes Around

My mom, the super(food) hero “Mother knows best” was a hard pill to swallow when I was a teenager but if it weren’t for my mom’s healthy and inspired ways, I’d be probably be taking pills–and washing them down with a Coke and a side of fries. That is to say my mom is the … Continue reading

HealthCorps: America Strong–and Fit

HealthCorps. If you don’t know what it is, you should. It happened something like this…  Flashback: A talented heart surgeon with a penchant for okra, walnuts and 5-minute workouts came home one night feeling wholly discouraged after performing yet another surgery on the heart of an obese child. Soliciting the help of his health-savvy wife, … Continue reading