The F Word

The F-Word Everyone’s talking about it. A mere 3-letter utterance, yet this year’s f-l-u(!) has reached superlative status, prompting the CDC to announce its epidemic proportions and declare cities like Boston a state of health emergency with 700 reported cases. But I say F the flu. I’m so over you and your media blitz and … Continue reading

CrossFit–A Call To Arms

A CrossFit gym recently moved into my town and it’s got me completely crossed–and confused. I’m usually pro all walks of fitness as long as it motivates, inspires, and enhances…so my beef with this new workout craze, for the most part is, well, the beef. Never mind (for now) the back-breaking lifting, hamstring-stressing sprints and … Continue reading

What Goes Around Comes Around

My mom, the super(food) hero “Mother knows best” was a hard pill to swallow when I was a teenager but if it weren’t for my mom’s healthy and inspired ways, I’d be probably be taking pills–and washing them down with a Coke and a side of fries. That is to say my mom is the … Continue reading


HEART YOUR WORKOUT I have a dedicated fitness regimen that is almost exclusive to yoga, with the occasional run/jump-rope/weekend-warrior sport thrown in for good measure. But when my yoga instructor went out of town for a week, leaving me to my own devices (er, vices), I decided to try some of the hot new workouts … Continue reading

COSTA RICA: Two Wings of a Bird Surf and Yoga retreat

 1re·treat noun \ri-ˈtrēt\ 2: a place of privacy or safety 3: a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director My definition of re-treat: verb–to do [that wonderful thing] over and over, and again and again… I’m new to the whole retreat thing, but I am happy to report that this … Continue reading