Chia Couture

As far as I’m concerned, chia seeds are the new black: They go with just about everything. Sprinkled into smoothies, salads, muffins; roasted with kale or made into a delicious pudding, they are a no-fail nutritional accessory to any meal. And like a well-heeled fashionista, I have developed quite an obsession over this tiny seed, dreaming up new ways to pair it. Since … Continue reading

Inspired Living Awards

In lieu of awards-show season, I thought I’d grant some honors to this year’s favorite finds and must-haves that deserve a shout-out for their outstanding performances in the healthful living category. With a nod to the under the radar, hard to find and new, here are the tried and true natural winners: 1. Best cell … Continue reading

Resident taste-tester: Found it, loving it…Coconut Aminos

I’m starting a new category this week because I freakishly unearth great health-food store finds—a bee to honey, if you will. Unlike most shoppers who zip through their grocery lists avoiding eye-contact with others (for fear of running into annoying inquisitors like me, “hey, whatchya got in there?”), I am a slow walking, label-reading hunter … Continue reading