The Gift of Health–Part 1

This month’s inspiring Guest Editor, plus a heavenly host of good-health hints to get you through the holidays–and beyond Whenever I’m given the opportunity to make a wish (i.e., blowing out candles on a birthday cake, throwing a penny in a fountain, Christmastime) I always ask for the same old thing: good health–and for those … Continue reading

Guest Editor–Be Inspired

It’s the season of scintillating angels and no person better reflects that image than this month’s Guest Editor—Lea Rannells Comrie. When you read her story (A Haven for Healing, out on it’s almost impossible not to feel the effect of something much greater than us. A near-death childhood sickness; painful endometriosis; a collapsed lung; … Continue reading


This post debuts a new column for Inspired Living: Once a month we’ll feature a special DHP (Dynamic Healthy Person)—someone who is gonna help kick your own healthy habits into high gear. FYI: This is not your “arm-chair traveler” version of wellbeing. Take one look at our first guest and you’ll see what I mean. … Continue reading