Craving Kale–7 Ways to Sunday

If we truly “are what we eat” then I should be growing curly, green leaves right about now. Consumed for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, I just can’t get enough kale. When I mentioned this to a wise and health conscious friend she said to me, “You know, kale is considered the construction workers of the … Continue reading

HealthCorps: America Strong–and Fit

HealthCorps. If you don’t know what it is, you should. It happened something like this…  Flashback: A talented heart surgeon with a penchant for okra, walnuts and 5-minute workouts came home one night feeling wholly discouraged after performing yet another surgery on the heart of an obese child. Soliciting the help of his health-savvy wife, … Continue reading

Chia Couture

As far as I’m concerned, chia seeds are the new black: They go with just about everything. Sprinkled into smoothies, salads, muffins; roasted with kale or made into a delicious pudding, they are a no-fail nutritional accessory to any meal. And like a well-heeled fashionista, I have developed quite an obsession over this tiny seed, dreaming up new ways to pair it. Since … Continue reading


As far as mindful eating goes, what’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. In other words, we are too individualistic to adhere to a one-food-fits-all diet and factors such as personal taste, genetics, blood type, and metabolic rate best determine what nourishes us (that’s why fads diets are just that). One … Continue reading

WTF! Victoria’s (un-sexy) Secret

True confession: I’ve always been a big fan of the Victoria’s Secret models and have tuned into the televised fashion show (airing on CBS Tuesday, November 29th) since the women walked off the pages of the catalogue and into my living room. I even know them now by name; there’s Rosie, Lily, Anne, Alessandra… My … Continue reading