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Meredith Asplundh

Meredith Asplundh
Certified Holistic Health Coach 
Certified Natural Chef  * Yoga and SUP Yoga Instructor


I have to say there is nothing worse than writing your own bio. Would you ever write your own review? Or vote for yourself? Ok, so maybe yes to the latter but it’s awkward nonetheless.

Herewith, my (unconventional) bio:

Early childhood: Obsessed with animals (real and stuffed) and wanted to become a veterinarian (settled for vegetarian); lived in brown hand-me-down corduroy Levis, was the poster girl for Tomboy.

Teenager: Competitive horseback rider; played lacrosse, tennis, soccer; fashion sense growing—think big, big bangs, big shoulder pads, baggy pants (ugh).

Post college years: City girl—landed major fashion job and survived but just (assistant to editor in chief of Vogue). Became a beauty and health writer and editor at publications such as Elle, Self, Shape, Fitness, and InStyle. Got married, moved to London, had kids (in that order!).

Present: Living stateside. Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Natural Kitchen Cooking School. Currently lead workshops on nutrition, hold cooking classes, give demonstrations at local food markets, and offer individual health coaching. Yoga fanatic, triathlete, tennis playa, ski monger, addicted to anything having to do with water and a board. Style seeker and fashion devotee. RYT 200 hrs Vinyasa plus 60 hrs Rocket Yoga, an Ashtanga-based sequence for the masses. SUP yoga certified and where there’s water, will travel. Mom, the best job there is.

Health influences: My mom and dad. She ate seaweed and brown rice, he did not.  

What inspires me: Happy people (I’ll have what they’re having). My clients (I better practice what I preach!). Professional athletes (I can dream).

Food and fitness philosophy: Everything in moderation (almost)

k, ‘nough ’bout me

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