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When it comes to packing for summer vacation I tend to bring everything and the kitchen sink. It’s just no day at the beach unless I have all my…stuff. And that includes cool fitness gear, healthy drinks and snacks, and sundry other good-for-you essentials. There’s no way I’m going to let road-tripping sabotage my road to well-being (my great packing advice: just stuff it!). In fact, there’s no better time to eat fresh or freshen up a waning workout than right now. So with that, here are my road-worthy requirements to ensure a not bummer summer. Happy, healthy trails ahead!

Nourishing Necessities Image

bai5 If I were a rabbit, this would be my carrot. I thrive on this stuff. I seek it out. There is no replacement. One taste and I guarantee you will be on its trail too. Fantastic flavor and thirst-quenching aside, it’s the 1g of sugar, 5 calories and super antioxidant infusions that have me hopping like a bunny. Choose from a variety of flavors, including one of my favorites Malawi Mango.

The Perfect Snaque Sprouted Flavored Lentils Full disclosure: It’s been about a year since I gave up all variety of chips (chip-a-holism is legit folks). And not a day goes by that I don’t miss their salty crunch. Prayers (or cravings, rather) answered! The Perfect Snaque’s new superfood sprouted lentils are just as crunchy and flavor-packed as chips but of course without all the fat and cholesterol (try honey mustard, barbecue, sea salt and vinegar, cinnamon sugar, and sea salt and pepper). Vegan, gluten-free, high in fiber, 6g of protein and only 1g of fat per serving; I’m totally hooked, but in such a good way. www.theperfectsnaque.comImage

 Living Intentions Original Salad Booster Admittedly, it’s a little weird bringing a green powder designed to jazz up salads (and/or soups and grains) on your summer vacation but Honey Badger don’t care. Packed with 24g of protein per package, it’s my health insurance I’m getting everything I need and more. Plus, it makes those nasty road-trip salads taste gourmet. Spirulina, chlorella, sea veggies; raw, sprouted, gluten-free superfood…not so weird after all. Also try Vegan Cheesy.

Almond Dream non-dairy yoghurt The one thing I miss most about being “non-dairy” is the satiating creaminess of yogurt and the tasty ease at which to incorporate probiotics in my diet. And frankly, all of the substitutes out there suck. Mostly because they’re like 12g of fat per serving and taste blech. I’m so grateful Almond Dream figured it out: low fat, high fiber, soy-free, rich in calcium and with live and active cultures, it’s the cream of the crop. Available in WholeFoods Stores Nationwide

Ultima Replenisher electrolyte powder When you drip sweat (either from a hefty workout or stewing in the hot sun) you lose major vitamins and minerals. And drinking more wateImager sometimes just exacerbates the loss. Good for the greatest of athletes and perfect for the not so healthy too, Ultima electrolyte powder replaces the missing elements; packed with B vitamins, antioxidants, magnesium, vital minerals, and has no sugar and nothing artificial. Plus, it tastes like Cool-Aide but better. It’s my before, during, and after drink. Great for kids too. Comes in packets or 30 or 90 serving canisters and is only 10 calories.

Hair, Body and Skin Savers

The Naked Bee Vitamin C Sunblock Getting kids to spray sunscreen on their bodies is one obstacle, getting them to put sunblock on their faces is a rampart. And no matter what, it’s usually a losing battle with the same outcome: sunscreen in the eyes = tears, burnt skin = tears, an irritated mother = tears. But when I found this SPF face stick in Florida this past year, I had tears of joy. It glides across the skin, goes on clear, leaves no residue, and is non irritating. Plus it smells like fresh-squeezed oranges. Everyone’s a happy camper.

Clarisonic My skin during a workout: flushed, glowing, plump. My skin after a workout: red, irritated, bumpy. My skin after using the Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System: smooth, soft, and blemish-free. ImageThis amazing massage-like buffer goes everywhere my sneakers go, hypothetically speaking. And, if I look close enough I do believe it’s helping my anti-agers do a better job too.

Jivamukti China Gel I’m looking forward to playing hard in the sand and surf this summer but not what happens in the wake–sore muscles and joints are a necessary evil for the recreational athlete. But this soothing/cooling gel works fast and if you can enlist some happy hands to rub it in for you, even better. Non-greasy, non-staining, and all natural with menthol, cinnamomum camphor, ginseng, angelica, lavender, aloe vera, and witch hazel, it’s a five-star massage in a jar.

DermOrganic argan oil Leave-In Treatment If you could see my hair after a day at the beach…on second thought, I don’t want to scare you. Instead, picture a beautiful beachy-hair ad…that’s not me. Happily, my sun-and sea-stressed tresses can be restored thanks to my new FAVORITE DermOrganic hair product. And I love that it reduces drying time by 30 percent, that is, when I actually use the hair dryer. Lightweight, no alcohol, no dyes, spreads easily and smells sweet, fresh and edible.

Style and FunctionImage

Sweaty Betty Track Capri I’m a wanna-be…as in wanna-be an Olympian. But who isn’t. Now we can all pretend with Sweaty Betty’s Olympic-inspired collection of workout wear featuring cool-brit Union Jack designs aptly named God Save the Queen. The whole line is killer but I’m all about these Jacked-up track capris to motivate a personal best. Let the summer games begin!

Tom’s Eyewear I’m constantly ridiculed by my poor sunglass selection but I cannot fathom spending more than the cost of a good haircut on something that is just going to get crushed, tossed, lost, and otherwise forgotten. These Tom’s glasses had me at first sight. They are my big girl glasses and I will treat them with Imagethe same kindness the company treats its beneficiaries: With every purchase, TOMS helps give sight to a person in need in developing countries around the world. One for One. The hardest part was choosing a favorite style and color combination but the website has a virtual “Try-On” feature, which gave me the awesome insight that I should never wear over-sized round sunglasses, ever.


Fitness Finds

Olympic Style Jump Rope by CSI Sports Jumping rope has become a staple in my workout regimen for its convenience and efficiency: On average 10 minutes of jumping can torch as many calories as 20 minutes of jogging. But you can’t get jump-happy with a crappy rope kids. I’ve had my share of trip-ups, thanks to a cord that was too long and heavy. This 8-ft Olympic Style Jump Rope is the perfect weight and length for the average woman (8ft is best for 4’9’’ to 5’5”). Have jump rope, will travel.

Yurbuds I am giddy with schadenfreude that other people have the same screwed up ear issue as me Imagebecause otherwise this kick-butt company would have never made these amaze-a-buds sport earphones. Their intense ad in Women’s Health got me with their “inspire” headline (literally on her head) but boy do they deliver. I’m upside-down, twisted, turned, and jumping like a crazy mother and Yurbuds were still snuggled up tight inside my ears, delivering tunes with great sound quality. It’s their patented “twist-lock” technology that keeps them in place, and the soft silicone buds are like mini cotton-ball boom boxes.

SIDEBAR: Music To My Ears

Did you know that listening to a constant stream of music has been clinically proven to inspire longer, harder workouts? I had an inkling but am GLEEful that perception is reality in this case. There’s still nothing like a good beat to light up your loafers. Here’s what’s on my playlist this summer: Get Inspired!

Fly–Nicki Minaj

Hey Captain–SuperHeavy

I Can’t Take It No More–SuperHeavy

Mylo Xyloto–Coldplay

Sympathy For The Devil–Guns N’Roses 

Let It Rock–Kevin Rudolph & Lil Wayne

Gold Digger–Kanye West

Ride Wit Me–Nelly featuring City Spud

Dirt Off Your Shoulder–Jay-Z

Check Yo Self–Ice Cube

Heartbeat–The Fray

The Adventure–Angels and Airwaves

Heart Skipped a Beat–The xx

Train in Vain–The Clash

Let It Happen–Jimmy Eat World

Nu Flow–Big Brovaz

We Take Care Of Our Own–Bruce Springsteen

American Land–Bruce Springsteen

From Now On–The Features

Let’s Go–The Cars

Stone In Love–Journey

Vox Populi–30 Seconds to Mars

Baba O’Riley–The Who

Thank You–Chris Cornell

The Last Carnival–Bruce Springsteen


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