What Goes Around Comes Around

My mom, the super(food) hero

“Mother knows best” was a hard pill to swallow when I was a teenager but if it weren’t for my mom’s healthy and inspired ways, I’d be probably be taking pills–and washing them down with a Coke and a side of fries. That is to say my mom is the beau ideal of “Inspired Living” and I owe my pursuit of higher health primarily to her. Years ago, before there was a food crisis on our hands, my mom chose nuts and seeds instead of steak (and her father was a butcher!). She stood on her head and practiced daily yoga before bendy was even trendy. She never preached or acted higher than thou, instead offering healthy choices and positive words about the importance of living a balanced life to my brother and I and anyone else who walked into her cure-all kitchen. My take home when I left home was that her osmotic teachings of balance and moderation were the key to long-term health and happiness. I quickly figured this out in college when I realized that in addition to her passion for wellness, I had also inherited her healthy appetite (I can eat my weight in brown rice), but learned to balance it with a moderateamount of exercise–and self control. Now, as a grown up, I can say with pride that indeed, my mother did know best. And still does. Her continual nuggets of inspiration and gift of health give back to me everyday and I am so happy to pay it forward to those who will listen. This apple landed happily close to the tree.

MOTHER NATURE: Like mother, like daughter

A mother of a style icon

Not only was I fortunate enough to inherit my mom’s good taste in the kitchen but I am privy to her good taste in fashion as well. I spent years in her attic closets playing dress-ups but it wasn’t until I gave up shopping for Lent (as in unnecessary fashion purchases) that I realized how her style savvy and enviable wardrobe gives back in spades. Over the course of the 40-day clothes close down, I had some withdrawal and escaped to my mom’s attic closet for my fix. Rummaging through the eras (and borrowing a few key items) was in fact just the inspiration I needed to breath new life into my tired outfits (for the record though, let’s hope shoulder pads never come out of the closet–ever–again). And there in the attic wardrobe, as I was contemplating the continuum of trends, did I recognize the profound effect mothers have on their children. Seeds of inspiration are everywhere–in the kitchen, the closet, or the garden; and when it comes from a place of pure passion, what goes around, really does come around. Thanks Momma…for passing on your lust for a healthy and inspired life.



So, with a nod to all of the amazing moms out there, I’ve gathered up some great gifts that keep on giving. Happy well-deserved Mother’s Day!

Fresh lavender plants: When blooms dry out, Mom can make sleep-inducing, moth-repelling sachets. www.shopterrain.com

Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged by Ashley Koff, R.D., and Kathy Kaehler This book offers an effective program for moms of any age to tap into into their own natural and renewable sources of energy to overcome fatigue and achieve their personal health goals. Includes nutrition, fitness, and time management advice–something we all could use. www.amazon.com

A puppy: This is the ASPCA’s Be Kind To Animals Week so what better time foster a shelter cat or dog than on Mother’s Day? The ultimate act of motherly love! www.aspca.org/news/tips-for-celebrating-be-kind-to-animals-week.com

Consider a donation in mom’s honor to Every Mother Counts: Founded by Christy Turlington Burns, this organization is dedicated to combating maternal m

ortality around the world (approx. 358,000 women die each year due to complications in pregnancy and childbirth. That’s one woman every 90 seconds.) Download Christy Turlington’s documentary “No Woman, No Cry” on ITunes to hear her story.

A Peace Treaty scarf: Cool summer scarves with an even cooler cause–the founders source local artisans and experts from around the world every year to help collaborate on their textiles. They offer fair wages to craftspeople and encourage them to use ancient techniques to help keep their artistic customs alive, while supporting the local economy. www.apeacetreaty.com

Shwood sunglasses: The coolest shades you’ve ever seen, fantastically fashioned out of the limbs of the Madrone Tree (sustainable-harvested and sourced from plantations in African countries), recycled cabinet hinges, and lenses from the corner store. Wayfarer and aviator styling, this is green at its greatest. www.shwoodshop.com 

A pair of celebrity-designed havaianas thongs: The famous brazilian sandal company teamed up with Baby Buggy (Jessica Seinfeld’s non-profit that helps needy families

by donating gently-used baby gear) and some hot celeb mommas (ie, Courtney Cox, Rebecca Romijn) to create super-cute mommy-and-me styles. Pretty sure any mom would flip for these.


A bottle of Colby Red wine: “Winemaker of the Year” Daryl Groom of Groom Australian Wines created this velvety-smooth red in honor of his young son who underwent two serious cardiac surgeries to repair a hole in his heart. One-hundred percent of the proceeds of the $12.99 bottle goes directly to the American Heart Association and St. Jude’s Medical Foundation. That’s wine that’s good for the heart–and the soul. Sold in 4,500 stores nationwide, including Walgreens or at www.cellar360.com

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  1. Beautifully written Merry! I couldn’t help but smile as I read this…your mom really is amaze-a-balls. And that picture with you on her shoulders?? You are her mimi-me!

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