WTF! Victoria’s (un-sexy) Secret

True confession: I’ve always been a big fan of the Victoria’s Secret models and have tuned into the televised fashion show (airing on CBS Tuesday, November 29th) since the women walked off the pages of the catalogue and into my living room. I even know them now by name; there’s Rosie, Lily, Anne, Alessandra… My friends claim they’ve never seen the show and think I’m crazy to watch —and god forbid, enjoy— it, but I know they’re lying. Fact is, twice as many women as men having been tuning in. In my humble opinion, it’s not degrading and it shouldn’t leave anyone feeling inadequate. Those women are the human equivalent of a Lamborghini Diablo—just stand back and admire. But the pedestal came crashing down when I read a recent article about how one popular VS model stops eating solids nine days before the show, getting by on protein shakes alone, and then 12 hours before, avoids liquids entirely. I’ll be flummoxed. Even a Lamborghini needs gas. Granted, they’re practically naked for panties sake teetering in sky-high heels live in front of billions of viewers, so crash dieting is understandably par for the runway. But that kind of deprivation is just going plain Gandhi on us. Not pretty at all. It just goes to show how incredible the human body is, regardless of the dumb things we do to it. Thank you VS models for reminding us all of this. Oh, I’ll still be watching next week but this time my jaw will be firmly in place—and happily munching away on my all-time favorite snack, Little Lad’s Herbal Popcorn.

Disclaimer: These munchies are highly addictive but the good news is the wholegrain fiber in the corn mixed with and the b-vitamins in the nutritional yeast equal carbohydrate combustion. Me likey. Many WholeFoods stores in the New York area carry Little Lad’s but if you can’t find it, make your own like I do.


1. Pop your non-gmo organic corn (I use an air popper)

2. Make an oil-infused mixture (I like virgin coconut oil) of fresh-chopped dill (dried is fine too) and garlic salt (I use the one with dried parsley).

3. Toss well with the popped corn and then sprinkle with nutritional yeast, a little at a time so you don’t make a mess (try Redstar).

4. Sprinkle again with a pinch of garlic salt and dill.

*It may take a few times to get right, with the ratio of oil, herbs, and yeast to taste. You can add pepper or turmeric and/or any other herb you like but never omit the B-vitamin-containing nutritional yeast—the key to carb-combustion.

Gym, tan, starve. Repeat.

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