Every so often a product hits the consumer market that creates cabbage-patch doll like magnetism. The new Native Union POP phone had me at hello. Check it: a funky handset for mobile phones that recalls the Smurfs, Hubba Bubba sugar highs, Whitney Houston, and Guess jeans. But here’s the totally tubular part—it reduces the risk of cell-phone induced brain cancer. Welcome back to the 21stcentury. I almost choked on my tamari almonds when a friend poo-pooed a recent public recommendation to limit cell-phone use due to their cancer-causing effects (ring, ring, is anyone home?). The World Health Organization has recently listed mobile phone use in the same carcinogenic category as lead, engine exhaust, and chloroform, stating them to be “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” But brain cancer does not happen overnight; essentially it’s the cumulative effects of cell phone use that may increase one’s risk. More importantly, kids and teens should take precautionary measures, as they are more sensitive to environmental toxins and have potentially many many more phone calls ahead of them. My eight-year old went to use my POP phone but had it backwards and couldn’t hear anything. Imagine his confusion when I play Thriller on the tape deck. It’s nice infusing our sobering reality with a little innocence and feel-good nostalgia. Thanks for making me smile POP phone.

Technically, the POP phone isn't hands-free as seen in the photo above--so don't recycle your Bluetooth just yet. I'm just happy to know I can talk and chew gum at the same time. Get your POP phone at


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