My dad, my hero

I’m pretty convinced, like you all are about your own fathers, that mine has superpowers (I swear I’ve caught glimpses of the cape in his closet) and that there is no one more admirable, generous, brilliant, disciplined, loyal, courageous, funnier, or braver in the universe. How lucky I am to be his; to grow up watching, learning, and experiencing his illustrious core. How could I not take a bite out of life knowing that my hero was always there to save me, to inspire me, and to encourage me to be the best me I could be? I am strong because of my dad. I am confident. I am brave. These are my affirmations. These are the hard-earned qualities that are now being tested. I cannot falter. I need to be his rock, his rescuer, his pillar, and strength. I will. I will. I will keep you safe, dad, from the fear and the unknown. When this is over you will be stronger than ever (which is hard to imagine since you are already more powerful than a locomotive)—and anyway, even Superman had his kryptonite. You are a Marine. You are everyone’s Marine. You have your mission. You will use your steadfast will and dedication to accomplish it. And we will all be there to witness your awesome superpowers.

 Semper Fi, Dad

Always Faithful, and faithfully yours

This post is obviously dedicated to my dad but while we may going through the fight of his life, please take inspiration from this and appreciate all of the superpowers your dad has to offer. Don’t hesitate to give him a big bear hug this Father’s Day…and a really great present that he wants (do you even know how many I’ve had to return? Um…a lot.).  

Courage is endurance for one moment more. --The United States Marines

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