Resident taste-tester: Found it, loving it…Coconut Aminos

I’m starting a new category this week because I freakishly unearth great health-food store finds—a bee to honey, if you will. Unlike most shoppers who zip through their grocery lists avoiding eye-contact with others (for fear of running into annoying inquisitors like me, “hey, whatchya got in there?”), I am a slow walking, label-reading hunter and pecker, grazing along the way. I am so not going to buy an entire package of spicy pumpkin seeds if I can’t try them first. That’s why the bulk food sections are genius—try before you buy, right? Turns out spicy pumpkin seeds are really yummy, especially mixed with jumbo-size raisins—a little sweet, a little salty and a whole lot of zinc and iron, even better. By way of spicy pumpkin seeds, however, I’d like to share my latest find, the best soy-sauce ever substitute: coconut aminos (try Coconut Secret). There’s so much processed and genetically modified soy in the foods we’re eating (read a label, check it out) that the last thing we should be doing is seasoning our meals with more soy. I love this product for its health perks as well: a comparison of coconut tree sap and soy shows that coconut tree sap has 2 to 14 times more amino acid content than soy. It’s also a very low glycemic product (great for diabetics), has a ton of minerals and vitamins, and a nearly neutral pH. To boot, it’s naturally fermented, which makes it great for the good old gut. I love it on rice dishes or poured over greens, or used to make a delish salad dressing. Now, I bet you’re wondering how I got around my taste-testing tendency (clearly coconut aminos are not a bulk food). Just please be sure the safety seal is intact before you buy a bottle. Kidding!

It's no secret that long-term use of unfermented, non-organic soy-related products has led to the increase in soy allergies. Sideline your same-old soy sauce and tap those coconut aminos instead.

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