I’m a Cow

Let it be known, I’m a big snacker—three meals a day doesn’t cut it for me. But there’s no right or wrong: many successful diets are based on a strict three-meal-a-day plan, namely Ajurvedic health principles. Other dietary theories recommend, “grazing” to avoid energy dips and to prevent binge eating. Either way, if you’re a snack-happy grazer like me, make sure that, a.) you are hungryand not just nibbling for nibbling’s sake and, b.) your snack of choice satisfies and fuels you up, not loads you down. For most, noshing satisfaction requires two important criteria: crunch and sweet/salt factor. Happy to say, my pick-me-up of the moment has both. It’s a multigrain rice cake (try Suzie’s spelt puffed cakes) smeared with about a tablespoon of roasted Tahini, topped with a double dollop of apple butter, and sprinkled with raw wheat germ. I’ll have two, yo. It’s not overly filling; is a 10 on the taste-o-meter; and is packed with protein, carbs, fruit, and hard-to-get minerals (like folic acid and vitamin e.). And Tahini is a dietary champ—it contains trace minerals like copper (known to reduce joint inflammation), as well as zinc (for the immune system), and calcium and phosphorous (integral in bone and teeth health). Yeah. I’m totally fine with being a cow—just as long as I have a big ‘ole green pasture to romp in.

Warning: Your chips will go stale because this snack hits the spot.

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