WTF Moment of the Week–Smart phone makes me stupid

We all have them: those “what the bleep!” moments that leave us pondering the use of brain cells. Remember, this is a judgement-free safe zone but for the sake of sharing and unloading it for catharsis sake, or simply learning from other’s blips (namely mine!), here’s the most recent WTF moment. Please share yours with me and I will be happy to post them. Thanks for sharing!

Whoever came up with the term “smart phone” was a genius. The namesake alone gives me an inferiority complex and my default is to not question it. So when I was emailing a friend in St. Tropez the other day, asking when she was coming home, my phone overruled my spelling and instead typed in that warm, sunny place where circus people go to, you know, party…called St. Trapeze. I really wanted it to exist—what a great place to do handstands on the beach—so I actually google-d it. Turns out my smarty-pants phone doesn’t know everything…but who’s the dummy for thinking it did? WTF!

Handstand on the beach

My dream destination--St. Trapeze--where you enjoy "time on your hands".

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