Edible of the week: Freekeh (pronounced free-ka)

Take a break from your brown rice!

What: an ancient “green” wheat that’s harvested young when the grain is still soft and full of moisture.

Native to: Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt

Close cousin to: Barley and Bulgar wheat

Interesting Freekah fact: The grain is fire-roasted for several minutes and then the shells are rubbed off.

A powerhouse grain: Because the grain is harvested while still young it contains more protein, minerals, and vitamins than other mature grains. It is low GI, low carb, and has up to four times the fiber of brown rice.

What does it taste like? It has a very yummy smoky, nutty flavor.

Where to get it? Health food stores and most Trader Joes carry pre-cooked packets.

So versatile: Try it as a side dish (like I did here, adding peas for an extra protein punch) or as a main meal in risotto. Don’t Freek-ah out, just try it. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

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