WTF Moment Of The Week

We all have them–mine seem to come in waves–those “what the F*&%” moments that leave you pondering the use of brain cells (mine and others!). Usually I’m struck by some lack of common health sense. But just because it’s seems obvious to me doesn’t make it clear for anyone else. So understand there are no judgements here, ever! This is a safe zone, but for the sake of sharing or unloading it all for catharsis sake, I’d like to offer my most recent WTF moment:

My beautiful, french, animal-loving sister in-law (who is trying very hard to defy culture and heritage to give up meat), has a pet chicken whom she walks on a leash. No biggie until she tells me there is a website that sells halters for chickens. Is this the new free range? WTF!

That's my daughter taking "Peeplette" for a walk

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