Eau, I Stink

Eau, I stink

About two years ago I took up yoga and noticed a major spurt in my sweating habits–no doubt caused by all of the twisting and turning and thus “wringing” out of the internals. So in a moment of sweaty contemplation I got to questioning my antiperspirant operandi. If I’m blocking all of the sweat and toxins from coming out, then where do they go? Back in of course! Duh. I became sure that after so many years of not releasing them, they must be starting to seep into my brain-o. So I went off the stuff. And just as the saying goes, when it rains it pours, especially when you’re in a heated room, not wearing antiperspirant and bending the crap, literally, out of your body. And then came the b.o. Everyone who knows me has witnessed my super sniffer so I was really starting to gross myself out. Of course I have been trying, albeit unsuccessfully, all varieties of deodorants on the shelves but who really thinks that lavender or jasmine or lemongrass is going to quell the secretions of a hard workout and an even harder working endocrine system? Maybe I just need to find the scent that works best with my “scent”? So far I haven’t met my match. In the meantime, I just reapply, incessantly. I think it may be working because there are more comments about why there’s a bottle of deodorant in every room in the house than on how I smell. I’m hoping I don’t wreak half as bad as I think I do. Maybe a pig really does just smell his own dirt?

This is me and Slim Piggie who actually smells really nice.

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