Meredith Asplundh
  • Welcome to the inspired living blog! Here you’ll find musings on all things healthy (and some not so much). But don’t worry it's not all broccoli, kale and quinoa. We'll also consider the restorative powers of such things as retail therapy, or how catching the perfect wave is like popping a happy pill, or why rocking a new-fangled yoga pose can literally bring tears to your eyes (happy ones, that is). Because after all, true health comes from a well-nourished heart and mind too. I really do hope you’ll find some inspiration here, even if it’s just a spark. Burn baby, burn.

    Yours truly, Meredith

Craving Kale–7 Ways to Sunday

If we truly “are what we eat” then I should be growing curly, green leaves right about now. Consumed for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, I just can’t get enough kale. When I mentioned this to a wise and health conscious friend she said to me, “You know, kale is considered the construction workers of the … Continue reading

The F Word

The F-Word Everyone’s talking about it. A mere 3-letter utterance, yet this year’s f-l-u(!) has reached superlative status, prompting the CDC to announce its epidemic proportions and declare cities like Boston a state of health emergency with 700 reported cases. But I say F the flu. I’m so over you and your media blitz and … Continue reading

The Gift of Health–Part 1

This month’s inspiring Guest Editor, plus a heavenly host of good-health hints to get you through the holidays–and beyond Whenever I’m given the opportunity to make a wish (i.e., blowing out candles on a birthday cake, throwing a penny in a fountain, Christmastime) I always ask for the same old thing: good health–and for those … Continue reading

Sneak Peek

It’s been awhile since I’ve offered a new post and as much as I’ve missed sharing with you, my fashion creative juices went into full throttle this summer and I’m still just holding on for dear life! This Sept 7th, at the Fashion Compassion event in New Jersey where Project Runway stars and designers will be … Continue reading

Gear Geek Gone Wild

When it comes to packing for summer vacation I tend to bring everything and the kitchen sink. It’s just no day at the beach unless I have all my…stuff. And that includes cool fitness gear, healthy drinks and snacks, and sundry other good-for-you essentials. There’s no way I’m going to let road-tripping sabotage my road … Continue reading